Paul Junge Defending the Values That Make America Strong

Paul Junge speaking with a veteran by the flag

Paul Junge worked in a family business focused on maintaining housing for military families — creating over 500 jobs and supporting working families. He knows first-hand how important small businesses are to employment and prosperity in our state.

Paul Junge as a young boy with another young boy and Paul Junge washing a car as a toddler

Paul was a criminal prosecutor who worked in the domestic violence unit to protect battered women and abused children. He anchored the news at mid-Michigan’s Fox 47, gaining a deep understanding of the community he covered.

Paul Junge smiling for the camera
Paul Junge graduating from the University of Michigan and Paul Junge speaking to people at a conference

Paul, a graduate of the University of Michigan, lives in Grand Blanc.

Most recently, Paul worked in the Trump administration at U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services to stop illegal immigration and secure our borders.

Paul is running for Congress to defend the values that make America strong. He will fight to help our families, promote freedom and opportunity, and secure our God-given rights spelled out in the Constitution.

Paul Junge standing in a formal manner


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